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Microsoft's licensing schemes for Dynamics GP

There is only one version of the Microsoft Dynamics GP software. But over the years Microsoft has had different licensing schemes that have controlled which features of Dynamics GP you are allowed to use.

If you are buying new copy of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013, you will be licensed using the latest licensing scheme for Dynamics GP 2013, which is called Perpetual Licensing (see below). If you bought Dynamics GP years ago, your licensing scheme will probably be one of the older licensing schemes (either Module Based Licensing or Business Ready Licensing), unless you have gone to the trouble of upgrading your license with Microsoft. If you are on an older licensing scheme, Microsoft does have a process to upgrade your license to a newer or different licensing scheme. But the rules are complex. So please call us if you are interested in upgrading your license.

Dynamics GP 2013 Perpetual Licensing (2013 +)

With the launch of Dynamics GP 2013 in January 2013, Microsoft adopted a new licensing scheme called Perpetual Licensing. The idea was to simplify the licensing.

Business Ready Licensing (2005-2013)

Starting around 2005, and until the launch of Dynamics GP 2013, Microsoft used a Business Ready Licensing scheme. When you bought the software you had to pick between two different licenses to Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains):

  • Business Essentials
  • Advanced Management
The Business Essentials license is the cheapest, and it includes the basic modules like general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, inventory, and purchase orders. But certain, more advanced, modules to Dynamics GP (Great Plains) are only available if you have the Advanced Management license. Click here for details as to which modules are available under each license: http://dyntools.com/dynamicsgpmoduleavailability.asp The Microsoft Dynamics GP Business Essentials is approximately 1/2 of the cost of the Advanced Management license.

If you grow, and you need to upgrade from Business Essentials to Advanced Management, you must first pay Microsoft the difference between the price of the two licenses. You then will get new registration keys that you can paste into the application as the software is the same (you don't have to change your actual software).

Module Based Licensing (prior to 2005)

Prior to about 2005, MIcrosoft had 2 licenses to Dynamics GP (Great Plains):

  • Great Plains Standard
  • Great Plains Professional
Great Plains Standard was a lot less expensive, but it had certain limitations. The primary limitation was that it would only allow you to buy up to 10 concurrent user licenses. If you need to upgrade from GP Standard to GP Professional, you can do that but it will require you to pay Microsoft an upgrade fee. The upgrade fee is calculated by taking the modules and concurrent user licenses you currently own and then "re-pricing" them using today's prices under the GP Professional license scheme. The difference between this new "re-priced" amount and the amount you historically paid for the software is what you will owe Microsoft. You can also convert from GP Standard or GP Professional to the newer Business Ready Licensing but the process is a little different. Microsoft determines which one you can convert to based on the modules and features you currently own. You then will be required to pay Microsoft a $10,000 transition fee.